Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The First episode of my song called The $outh Coming Out March 24

E-tek9- made a video with just a picture of the song that I'm going to upload to youtube trmw.
the song is episode 1 called the $outh rapping over a outkast beat . ever song that I drop on this site will have a story behind it yup. so can't wait to drop that song call Welcome prod by ? new music is coming soon yo I promise D.R.K records is


Mighty Dyna$ty @ll day

part 2

E-tek9 - I been listening to some old kanye west music for good min now I love his beats and the rhymes he spits. kanye is the best to ever samlpe music to me : } in my book. and yo lupe fiasco producer soundtrakk is one that I would love to make a whole album with for real yo That dude is nasty with the Mpc telling you. I'm going to bed now I feel a lil bit sick right now but I'm still working on the flying lotus project its like 60% done. so watch out for that goodnight y'all.

Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push
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