Monday, March 8, 2010

My favorite hip hop group of all time Part 1 little brother

E-Tek9- Yo Little brother Phonte and big Pooh and 9th wonder are the one that got me loving music. they music got me though alot no lie. I was like 15 years old looking around for some good music in Circuit City to keep me going, then I saw this album in the front of the store and it was the
The Minstrel Show I was like what this i see 3 dude so I was thinking hard on what to get that night but I went home with that album. I played that album so much in my headphones man it brings back good times : ) thank you little Brother for giving us good music much love to y'all from E-Tek9

Little Brother Feat. Kanye West - I See Now(Aww)

Little Brother- stars ship

Little brother feat Mos Def- let it go

Little brother - Not Enough

9th Wonder feat. Phonte & Cesar Comanche - Like Dat

Little Brother "Curtain Call" (prod. Khrysis)

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