Friday, March 5, 2010

This is the first post for my blog the project

E-tek9_ welcome to the mind of E-tek9 this is my blog i will leak new music old music. talk about things That are said in the records , put videos of the crew and how we do it I hope Y'all like what U hear and what U see. I'm just getting up right now so hit me up on my gmail .

I'm working on a Ep call The Last Guardian, its coming real soon prod by me and my boy nirrrad and some old j-dilla tracks That have never been used so I can't wait to put it out. and My name is E-tek9 I do prod tracks too so you might hear beats on here onces in a while. I will show luv to peolpe on this blog too. so holla at me and next week I leak the tracklist for the album. so peace and I will holla at y'all later

The future is now

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